Get Ahead: ARCON’s New Register of Licensed Advertisers 

Get Ahead: ARCON’s New Register of Licensed Advertisers 

Introduction to ARCON’s Latest Regulatory Update 

The Advertising Regulatory Council of Nigeria (ARCON) announced the introduction of a comprehensive register of licensed Advertising Practitioners and Advertisement Agencies. This move, which was scheduled to begin in March 2024, aligns with Section 22 (1) &(5) and Section 23 of the ARCON Act 2022 and marks a significant advancement in the professional governance of Nigeria’s advertising sector. 

Key Developments in ARCON’s Regulatory Approach: 

  • Register of Licensed Practitioners and Agencies: ARCON will publish a list of all practitioners and agencies that have successfully met licensing requirements. This initiative aims to foster a more transparent and accountable advertising industry, allowing only qualified entities to operate. 
  • Corporate License Regime: This new regime will categorize advertising agencies by their service types such as Full Service, Creative, Media Buyer, and more. All agencies will need to obtain an operational license from ARCON to conduct business legally within Nigeria. 

Implications for the Advertising Sector 

  • Regulatory Compliance: All advertising practitioners and agencies must adhere strictly to ARCON’s licensing requirements to legally operate within Nigeria. This includes existing agencies and new entrants to the market. 
  • Industry Standards: The new licensing criteria is expected to raise the bar for the quality of advertising services, ensuring that agencies meet high standards to obtain and maintain their licenses. 
  • Accountability and Verification: The public register will enable clients and stakeholders to easily verify the legitimacy and qualifications of advertising service providers, promoting a more reliable and professional industry. 

How to Navigate the New Requirements 

To be included in ARCON’s register, individuals and organizations must: 

  • Submit a formal application to the Director General of ARCON. 
  • Complete the Membership Application form accurately and attach all required documentation. 
  • Ensure all submissions are made through any ARCON office, adhering strictly to the registration format outlined in the ARCON Act. 

Stay Informed and Proactive: 

The enforcement of these new policies might introduce challenges, including adjustments in business processes and additional administrative responsibilities for agencies. SimmonsCooper Partners is prepared to help advertising practitioners and agencies efficiently manage these changes. Our comprehensive legal services are designed to ensure that your business not only adheres to the new standards but also thrives under them.  

For assistance with the licensing process or to gain more insights on the impact of these changes on your business operations, contact SimmonsCooper Partners. You can visit our website at or email us directly at for personalized consultation. Let us help you navigate the evolving advertising regulatory framework with confidence and expertise. 

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